Ollie's true thoughts and feelingz

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This is just me taking lmao. Mostly about how emo a subculture that once was poetic is suffering from creativity in the common Era

so I found out about this website by looking up emo on the app store. Lmao back in my day if you looked up emo on the app store you would see weeks worth of content. One of which was always Tumblr. But besides that point it feels like modern day emo is dying despite the fact that we as a group still are at it strong. The reason is is because they look at the MySpace idols of 2008 and think "I want to be like them" instead of "they inspire me" if you spend all your time being someone else. Why wouldn't your style just end in a phase. The alternative community is dying not because of horrible things that has happened but because the lack of creativity new comers feel welcomed by. We are individuals who like the same bands. Who sing and complain and dress in all black but that's not all there is to us. Real emo will come back and thrive once others feel creatively freed through it like they once did